German spitz - Arpel Bohemia

30.3.2023 Eliška went over the rainbow bridge...

13.3.2023 Kira gave birth to two girls and one boy

More in puppies.

15.1.2023 - Mating is behind us!

More in puppies.

10.11.2022 - Matýsek celebrated 1st birthday

německý špic

7.8.2022 International dog show in Prague

Kira - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
We plan a litter by our Kira. More info at Puppies site.

15.4.2022 Litter "N" was born

Iris gave birth to boy Norbert (190 g) and female Nela(160g)

německý špic

16.2.2022 We expect puppies in the middle of april.

More in puppies.

german spitz

10.11.2021 Kira gave birth to one boy - Matýsek

german spitz

3.10.2021 World Dog Show Brno

Sunny - Exc.1, World Veteran Winner, BOV, BOB!
Eliška - Exc.2

german spitz

30.9.2021 Specialty show at the occation of WDS

Sunny - Exc.1, BOV, BOB, BIS veteran!
Eliška - Exc.1, BOV

german spitz german spitz

9.9.2021 In the middle of November we expect puppies.

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23.6.2021 Lumpíček unfortunately did not live for long.

Enly few days after his 1st birthday he did not come back with his owner from a walk. He was killed by a Doberman....

19.6.2021 Club show

Eliška - Exc.1, BOV, The best Veteran in show!
Sunny - Exc.1, BOV, BOS

german spitz

17.5.2021 Lumpík celebrated his 1st birthday

german spitz

german spitz

27.9.2020 Club show

Eliška - Exc.1, BOV, BIS veteran!
Sunny - Exc.1, BOV
Kira - Exc.1, CAC

german spitz

17.5.2020 Iris gave birth to one boy - Lumpík

german spitz

13.5.2020 Our seniors live long lives.

Our offspring Bonifác celebrated his 16th birthday.
And another one Doneček is goinf to soon be 13 years old.

německý špic německý špic
Bonifác | Doneček

15.3.2020 We have mated!

Due to our family situation I was not able to travel to Moravia for our chosen male and I had to use a stud in our surrounding. Sire of the litter will therefore be Viggo Kaveta Bohemia. More info at Puppies

14.3.2020 My father, a chairman of Spitz club 1986 - 1991, died.

Thank you all for your condolences.

4. 12. 2019 We plan puppies from Iris in spring 2020

Mor info at puppies site.

30. 11. 2019 International show in Prague

Kira - VN1
Eliška - Exc.1, BOV
Sunny - Exc.1, BOV, BOB

29. 9. 2019 Club show

Kira - P1
Iris - Exc.2, res.CAC
Eliška - Exc.1, BOV
Sunny - Exc.1, BOV, BOB

5. 8. 2019 - Jurášek celebrated his 1st birthday

german spitz

25. 5. 2019 Specialty show

Eliška - Exc.1
Sunny - Exc.1, BOV, BOB & Best veteran in show!

german spitz

27. 3. 2019 - Little Kira is doing very well.

At the age of 14 days kira has got 600gr!

16. 3. 2019 - Litter K was born.

Iris gave birth to two 180gr puppies - unfortunately the boy was born dead, but the girl is doing very well.

german spitz puppies

10. 2. 2019 - Our Tyna went over the rainbow bridge at the age of 14 years.

...we miss her very much...

10. 1. 2019 - We have mated!

Puppies are going to be born in the middle of March. More at puppies.

5.8.2018 - Iris gave birth to one orange sable boy

31.5. We have mated!

Puppies are going to be born in the begining of August. More at puppies.

26.5.2018 Specialty show

Eliška Exc.2
Sunny Exc.1, BOV, BOB Clementina Exc.1, BOV and BIS Veteran!

Malý vlkošedý německý špic - Clementina Arpel Bohemia
Clementina Arpel Bohemia

6.5.2018 International dog show in Prague

Eliška Exc.1, BOV - now qualified for Czech Veteran Champion.

4.11. + 5.11.2017 International dog show in Prague

Eliška got Exc.2 on Saturday and Exc.1 and BOV on Sunday.

16.9.2017 Club show Mlada Boleslav

Eliška - Exc.1 in veteran class
Clementina - Exc.1, BOV and the Best Veteran in Show :-)
In 12,5 years Tina is still full of energy and has all of her teeth!

Malý vlkošedý německý špic - Clementina Arpel Bohemia
Our veteran girl Clementina Arpel Bohemia

21.5.2017 IDS Litoměřice

Eliška was Exc. 2nd at IDS Litomeřica in veteran class.

12.5.2017 Jonášek is approved stud male

More at Stud males.

18.4.2017 - Iris is unfortunately not pregnant

We will try again in autumn.

6.3.2017 - We have mated!

More in Spitz puppies.

12.11.2016 - Iriska passed her breeding check

So in January we are visiting her mate :-)

4.9.2016 - Club show in Mlada Boleslav

Veterans Sunny and Clementina both Exc.1.

14.5.2016 - Specialty show Zbraslav

Sunny again Exc.1, BOV, BOB
Clementina Exc.1 and Iris did better this time - Exc.2, rec CAC

1.5.2016 - International dog show Praha

Sunny Exc.1, BOV, BOB, Iris was not in the mood for show and got VG3.

2.3.2016 - Aida left us forever in age of 15 years, she was amazing in exterior and character

...she will be missed.

10.1 2016 - National show Brno

Iris got CAC and she is now fully qualified to become Juniorchampion.

6.9 2015 - Club show in Mladá Boleslav

Aida ended up her show career as best as she could....Exc. 1st, BOV, BIS Veteran and BIS!

Miniature german spitz - Aida Arpel Bohemia
Our veteran Aida Arpel Bohemia

21.6 2015 - National show Klatovy

Iriska got CAJC and BOJ, her sister Isis Exc.2.

17.5 2015 - Club show Zbraslav was very succesful for our girls and their offsprings.

Aida Exc.1, BOV
Clementina Exc.1
Čert took a part at both Club show and Specialty show and got CAC and r.CAC.

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